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Post-tattoo treatment

When your artist completes your tattoo, they will do one of 2 things to cover the area before you leave. You will either have your tattoo wrapped in cling film or, you will be fitted with a second skin film (Recovery Derm Shield).

If your artist wraps you with cling film, it is recommended to remove and clean your tattoo after 1-3 hours post session. If your artist applies the second skin film, it is recommended to remove the film 8-24 hours post session.


Once you have removed your covering the steps are as follows:


  • Always make sure to wash your hands before touching your tattoo.

  • Rinse the area with warm water and remove as much excessive fluid as possible. However, do not scrub the tattoo, just lightly massage the area.

  • Lather up soap and continue to clean the area then rinse off thoroughly with cold water. The soap choice we recommend is something fragrant free, alcohol free and without other harsh chemicals. Natural soaps and even face washes are generally good and are kind to sensitive skin.

  • Once your tattoo is clean and rinsed off of any dirt, fluid or soap residue. We recommend to pat the area dry with a paper towel. House towels are full of bacteria and not recommended for wounded skin. Doing so might lead to infection

  • Allow the area to breath and air dry for an additional 5 minutes.

  • Your artist will have recommended an aftercare ointment for your tattoo. Now the area is clean and dry you can apply a thin layer of tattoo ointment. Do not cake on or over apply ointment. The area still needs to be able to breath in order to heal. The tattoo should have a wet look or reflective sheen. You should not be able to see blobs of the ointment sitting on top.


You will repeat this process 3 times per day for the next 10 days until the tattoo is completely healed. After 10 days your tattoo may seem dry or the black areas will still appear “scaly”. This is normal and if you wish you can either wait for your body to restore its natural moisture or use a kind to skin moisturiser.


Other things to note:


  • You may shower with your tattoo but you cannot submerge or excessively soak your tattoo. This will breakdown the wound and reopen it, compromising tattoo quality and risking infection.

  • Do not scratch, scrub or pick at your tattoo. If you experience unbearable itching (which is normal) you can wash your hands and use 2 fingers and tap the area gently to relieve the irritation.

  • Do not use sunbeds for at least 6 weeks post tattoo. To be honest you wont even want to, because the area will be sensitive especially in this environment.

  • Do not share or use someone else’s tattoo aftercare. We also recommend not using aftercare outside of its post-after-opening date. Our aftercare product is good for around 12 months once the seal is broken.  

  • Avoid using perfume, fake tan or anything else that is rich in chemicals that may cause irritation.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes or clothes that may rub and irritate the area.

  • You can attend the gym but not whilst the area is wrapped either 1-3 hours post tattoo with cling film or 8-24 hours post tattoo with the film. You need to be able to clean the area after your activity.

  • Some people’s skin or the area of which the tattoo is on can become more dry or harder to heal than others. If the tattoo appears to be dry, feeling tight or dirty, you can give the area an additional clean.

  • Avoid letting your tattoo come in contact with pets, dust, harsh chemicals or anything that may cause harm to a wound at work or home. If you do come in contact with anything that might compromise the area, please wash the area straight away.


If your artist has chosen to use the second skin film, this section will advise the best way to remove it in 24 hours. If you have not received this film then you can skip this section at the end of the information "What if I still have questions about the healing of my tattoo?".


  • Why 8-24 hours? 

    The film will generally be applied to larger scale tattoos as the skin usually experiences more trauma. The film will allow excessive fluids to empty from the skin: blood, plasma, ink and any process ointment trapped under the skin the body needs to get rid of in order to heal properly.
    During the 24 hour period the body discrete what we call plasma which is very beneficial for effective healing of a wound. Within the first 24 hours this plasma is beneficial to the body and contributing to a better healing process. The reason we do not want to exceed the 24 hour period.  It loses its beneficial qualities and would just excessively soak the area causing irritation and lose of tattoo quality. For optimal results we do recommend utilising the full 24 hour window, if this is not feasible. We would recommend removing it sooner than 24 hours in oppose to later.

    How do I remove the film once the 24 hours is up?

  • To remove the film, you first want to soak the area with warm water to help melt the adhesive and loosen the edges of the film.

  • The mistake a lot of people make is to pull the film back and rip it off like a band aid. It is very important you do not do this. The best way to remove the film is apply pressure on top of the film and pull the adhesive away from the body but parallel to the area. You aren’t peeling the adhesive back or ripping it away from the skin in an upward motion. Basically, you want to stretch the adhesive downward, so its integrity is compromised and it removes gently without pain.

  • Once the film is removed be mindful of any adhesive residue that might still be on the skin. Take a little extra time to clean the area and ensure that it is completely clean.


What if I still have questions about the healing of my tattoo?


If you have any questions or concerns you can get in touch with the studio or your artist directly. We will be more than happy to help guide you through this important process. Contact can be made either by phone on 02838985600 or get in touch via social media links which can be found on our website. 

Thank you for choosing Bloodstone Tattoo Collective for your tattoo, we appreciate your custom and we hope to see you again soon.

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