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Nathan Hamilton
Appointments with Nathan works on an open and closed booking format. Follow our Bloodstone social platforms for updates when bookings are open.
thor Dog 1
Egyptian Eye
Owl of Athena
Dolly Parton Sleeve
Clown girl
Zeus 2
Achilles 2
The Veiled Maiden
Neptune Fragment
Close up of the angel 6 months healed
Close up of the angel 6 months healed
Healed creepy faces and skulls
Evil dead
Skull rose morph original art by Kit Kin
Classic clock and rose
Octopus as part of underwater area of sl
Custom angel statue
Woman, Skull and rose morph
classic skull and roses
Simple lotus and Jewels
Kids first time in the snow
Samurai in progress
King Cobra
Lion Skull inner arm
Art the clown
Guy walking with guitar and womans face
Bird skull rose morph filler
Bob Paisley the quite genius
Xray of a Lily
Skull and Roses half sleeve
"The arrow doesn't seek the target, the target draws the arrow. This is the quote i live my career by. It's no accident or coincidence that the evolution of my tattooing has led me to the style of black and grey i do, the preferred subject matter or my love of teaching other artists. My passion and love for history, mythology and education has bled over into my work. I want to tell the greatest stories in human history, but not JUST tell stories of past heroes. i also want to tell your story, on your skin. This is why i love to sit down with my clients and not just design the tattoo for you, but design it with you."
- Nathan Hamilton
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