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Nathan Hamilton

Founder and owner of Bloodstone Tattoo Collective, Nathan's speciality is 3RL fine line black and grey realism with a particular focus on renaissance, statues, mythology and ancient history.

Tattooing since January 2012, Nathan is an experienced and highly educated tattoo artist and educator to aspiring tattoo artist's.

Brigita Margyte

Our studio's resident body piercing and tooth gem specialist. Brigita is globally recognised for her pursuit for knowledge and who's education within piercing can only be compared on a global scale.

Piercing since February 2020, Brigita is a trailblazer not only for her piercing services but also bringing the latest and finest jewellery available in store and online.


Callum Doran

Callum specialises in bold blackwork, mandalas and would love to expand into cybersigilism/neo-tribal work. His use of varied line weight and delicate shading creates exciting pieces. He believes a tattoo should boost ones self-confidence and compliment the area and flow of the body, this is his goal with each piece he designs and tattoos.

Aoileann Lawlor

The studios current apprentice on route to junior artist.

Aoileann works with varying line weights and subject matters taking influences from blackwork illustrative styles with a mix of ornamental and nouveau elements. She seeks to create each piece with contrast and flow while suiting each clients needs.

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