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Curation Consultation

So what is a curation consultation?

A curation consultation is a scheduled meeting between you and our body piercing expert. The purpose of the consultation is to meticulously pre plan your piercings, working towards a particular goal. Using multiple piercings and pieces of jewellery we will work towards creating a jaw dropping aesthetic uniquely tailored to your personal anatomy.

Our piercer will give you expert advice on your own anatomy and help you establish what is possible along with a style guide. What shape and type or pieces will work best and what combination of pieces would be complimentary to one another. You can also style your ear and pieces styled towards themes, seasons, trends and  even tell a story. The possibilities are truly endless. 

With most of our clients having multiple piercings, we truly believe that curation is the best option to plan these out.

So what are you waiting for? Book your consultation today.
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