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So, what is UKAPP and APP, what does it mean for our studio and the community we serve?

APP is the Association of Professional Piercer's

Being approved by APP or/and UKAPP means you have been accredited with carrying out the safe and ethical practice of piercing. Exceeding the standards set by local council or practice of pierce's less concerned with standards and who merely claim to offer a high-end services or jewellery. 

Our piercer and studio being accredited by these associations mean's that when you book with us you book with confidence. Our promise's and services have been assessed and monitored by an outside impartial association. Their accreditation means we have met and exceeded the highest global standard of practice as assessed by the top professionals within the industry.

What kind of standard's can we promise as an approved piercing service provider?

Our piercer has received additional education and training through various conference's, seminar's and event's. Regularly attending throughout the year globally to stay on top of the latest and best education on safe piercing practice.

Our piercer doesn't just pierce but also curates. Amongst the education in practice, our piercer is also educated in anatomy. As a serious professional it is important to offer the highest level and unique service. If you want more than just a piercing and want to build an aesthetic, then book our piercing curation services for an in-person consultation.


 All materials used in the piercing practice are ethically sourced and of the purest and best quality. We ONLY use items sold by an APP approved supplier.

This also goes for our jewellery both used in practice and sold in our retail cabinets. All titanium is pure and of the highest grade, cheaper titanium can be mixed with other metals which can cause undesired reaction. We only use APP approved pure clean titanium. 

Our gold jewellery is ethically sourced ranges in 14 and 18 karats with some set with conflict free diamonds. Since gold is a soft metal and expensive, our leading supplier in gold, Junipurr has cleverly fitted each piece with a strong titanium attachment. This means a better more robust product with a cheaper than traditional price point with no compromise on luxury.

Our sterilisation routine and process is rigorously monitored and routinely practiced to insure the safety of both our piercer and clients. No expense has been spared in bringing in various pieces of the highest end equipment to ensure a standard of practice that far exceeds local council sterile practice guidelines.

With that being said, we do practice aseptic technique so clients can feel confident that the equipment we use in piercing is single use, never used before and will never be used again.

So, why would you ever want to get pierced anywhere else? want to get pierced by the best?


Just one of the walls of an ever growing collection of certificates achieved by our piercer Brigita

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