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Bloodstone Tattoo Collective (est. 2017)

tattoo and piercing gallery

Located Lurgan, County Armagh in Northern Ireland. Bloodstone is a unique tattoo, piercing and art gallery. Our studio showcases magnificent paintings from the renaissance along with furniture and sculptures inspired by classical golden age of Greece, and the 17th century baroque artisans of France.

Our studio aims to be more than just a provider of tattoo and piercing service's, but also a trailblazer for industry standards in Northern Ireland. Bloodstone is an international award winning studio who has prided itself to be the first to introduce many things to the Northern Ireland tattoo and piercing scene. Namely the first studio to introduce Sullen art collective apparel and more proudly the first APP approved studio in the whole of Ireland.

Our studio hosts a diverse collection of artists who specialise in different artistic styles and motif. This means we can connect our clients with the best artist for the job and not just the one that is available.

If you want to know more about our artists, head over to our meet the team section to see their portfolios, background and a personal statement.

Here we don't hold ourselves accountable to maintaining the standard and level of competence of the local tattoo and piercing industry but the global tattoo and piercing industry.

Just like the Stoas of Athens, our studio aims to not just be a great place for our clients to get tattooed, but also an educational hub for industry professionals and aspiring artists. Our community promise is to not just hire tattoo artist, but to offer an opportunity to local artist's to learn under arguably the best tattoo educator's in the country.

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